Sketch of a Short Bar Cart

Pencil drawing of a short bar cart
Side view of a bar cart that is half the usual height
Eduardo Suré; Sketch of a Short Bar Cart, 2020; Graphite

I have not been motivated to draw since March 2019. I tried to start up again in September and then again in November, but I was not effectively making drawing a part of my daily routine.

My original motivation for drawing was illustrating my short stories. When I stopped writing those, I was still motivated by the skill acquisition and the expectation that line drawings would help me produce better paintings. I think my new job fatigued my mind, and I spent my time outdoors to recover. Motivation gone.

What is motivating me now? A balanced mind: I want to use my mind in a way that I and others might enjoy.

This sketch was for an exercise to use a still life object to create something new. There is a bar cart in my bedroom that I use to place my wallet, watch, and other things when I get home. There is an outlet next to it with about 8 places to plug in, so it’s always cluttered with my family’s devices. The bar cart gets used a lot. I thought I would make it impractical if I drew it shorter, but I think my family would actually like it more.


      1. I just read “Major Case Squad.” What a cool story! And I love the illustration, too. I’ll definitely check out some more when I have the chance. It’s too bad that you don’t have as much time to write given your new job, but perhaps someday you will be able to go back to it.

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