Sketch with Visual Rhyming

For this exercise, I attempted a composition with visual rhyming. I had trouble thinking of a still life with shapes that repeated, and this is the best I could come up with. The glass, can, and phone all have ellipses of different sizes.

I thought of this composition after spending a Thursday evening having a drink online with friends. I actually use my laptop when we meet; however, I have been using a 4in x 6in sketch book and couldn’t fit my laptop in the frame. So, I used my phone.

I’m looking forward to finishing using all the pages in that 4×6 inch sketch book: I think it’s too small. Then, I have another small sketch book to fill up. It was a gift.


  1. A small sketch book that size is useful to put in your pocket when going out. My small sketchbook ( I have a big one as well) is 6x8inches and is just too big to slip in most pockets. I am going to get a smaller one to force me to get outside sketching in colder weather.


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